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Professional Grooming Services by Lisa

Why do we shop where we shop?  Why do we have a "favorite" restaurant? It is all about the service and the relationship.  Learn why Lisa truly is Crazy, for animals of all kinds, ..especially yours.

At Crazy Dog Lady, we cater to all breeds and offer a variety of services to keep your dog looking and feeling great.  We want your friends to ask you "Who grooms your dog?" 

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Follow the link above to see samples of our work.  At Crazy Dog Lady, we are "all about" the process of grooming, and documenting it in cute and sometimes hilarious pictures!

Our dogs are truly like children to us.  We strive to  protect,  teach, and  most of all love them.

At Crazy Dog Lady your dog will be treated like family. Their health, happiness, and safety is our utmost concern.  We pay very close attention to your pet's unique needs.  A regular grooming regimen is essential to your dog's comfort and well being, as well as the best way to detect any changes in your dogs physiology.  We specialize in dogs that other groomers may have turned away, and  believe that every dog deserves a great groom.    It should also be affordable, so that cost does not interfere with your dog's health and happiness.